We have been providing the entertainment industry with dramatic special effects for over a decade, constantly finding stunning new ways of using special effects to enhance performance and atmosphere.

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We’ve developed machines, fluids, controllers and accessories which will produce almost any kind of non-optical effect almost anywhere, allowing you to integrate smoke with light and other special effects, such as aroma effects, to get maximum impact. More details of our Aroma Effects Machine.

From enormous rock and roll events to film sets, stage shows and local discos, you’ll find Effects Company machines hard at work.

But our development isn’t just about what you see. We concentrate on the bits you don’t see – the internal electronics build, the make-up of the fluid and other refined features which make our machines practical and easy to use, with the minimum of fuss and mess.

All research and production takes place at our UK Headquarters, drawing upon 20 years of experience in the special effects industry.